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elcome hom

Listen to the whispers of truth
the soul calls

“From the darkness, seedling, bud, to flower, reconnect to nature’s rhythm and your spirallic soul path as you bloom through your season of womanhood”

my story

If you yearn for a different way to be, one free from fear, that feels woven with love, soulful depth and nurture then let me be your stepping ston.

Gather & Glow is a sacred sanctuary. Whether you are preparing for motherhood, curious about childbirth, in the early days of mothering, or seeking a kindred circle of women, Aimee is here to hold space for you to share guidance and support so you can regain your glow.

Aimee’s healing pathway weaves holistic practices throughout the many cycles of being a woman; mirroring those of Mother Nature. Using practical tools, ritual, spiritual awareness, yoga, breath-work, folk herbalism and more, she honours the ebb and flow of the cosmic tides and seasonal shifts to create offerings that bring about positive change, love and a sense of belonging.

This is a space to connect back to the essence of you. To reconnect with your inner wisdom. A place to seek soul guidance, remember ritualistic practices and share in the collective of others. 


We gather and we glow.


The seasons

Unlock your inner wisdom, your feminine intelligence and your body literacy. Connect back with the seasons and sacred cycle.
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SPRING Maiden -  Dreamseed sowing

Holistic conception session weaving conscious wishes and deep release work

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SUMMER Mother - Rooting to remember

Holistic Birth Enrichment session cultivating self-trust, strength confidence and calm

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AUTUMN Priestess  - spiritual blossoming

Matrescence, Perimenopause


WINTER Sage - Connecting to the cosmos

Loss, life changes

“I invited Aimee to hold a beautiful ceremony at my home, to honour my transition from Maiden to Mother and it was an unforgettable, precious experience. Aimee’s compassionate, calm presence throughout created a truly magical morning where I felt both held and seen. The ceremony was a wonderfully gentle journey, combining tea to discuss the birth of my son, poignant oracle cards, a walk and finally the wrap and energy work. I highly recommend this ceremony to any post partum Mumma who wants to honour their journey and create time invaluable to reflect. Thank you Aimee, it was unforgettable”

Eloise Boyd-Bowman
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